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CategoryVictory – Breakthrough

If you are going to cross the finish line to victory you need a coach that can help you stay the course until you achieve your breakthrough. Whether family, marriage, addictions, spiritual life, personal life, community life or church life you need victory! Here’s practical blogs from real life about how Debbie has faced drugs, death and diapers and came out the victor. She is here to guide you safely toward your ultimate dream. Together you can do it!

From Brokenness To Wholeness

 It was a day of disaster. My grandson fell twenty-three feet through a hole in the roof at work. As Craigen fell he had enough time to think “This is it!” As he lay broken on the cement his co-worker was in shock and he had to tell him to call an ambulance. They did not expect him to survive. There is hope! Five tips for navigating tough times.