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"Never listen to the lie - always listen to the life."  Author Debra Susan Bowman

Jesus said I will give you life - and not just life, but life in abundance (John 10:10) But, the first part of the verse that gives you that promise also contains a warning - there is a liar, whose goal is to destroy you. If you are pressing into anything, if you are believing God for anything, if you are standing for a breakthrough anywhere in your life, I guarantee you this - you will be lied to. We are all lied to. At those crucial moments in life when something bad or negative happens, or when you are working so hard for a breakthrough you will be lied to, because we have an enemy who is a liar. The question is not whether the accusation or lie will come, but when it comes, the question is, will you listen to the lie or the life? If it tears you down it's a lie - don't listen to it. If it builds you up and brings you life, then listen to it. Some lies are very hard to say no to because they contain a nugget of truth, but if you listen, the lie will get bigger and the truth will get smaller. Say no to the lie, say yes to the truth: you are a child of the King, you are well able, you can do it, you can learn how, you can get what you are believing for, your children will be saved, you will make a difference, listen to the life and you will get your breakthrough!

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Good Morning Sunshine MugIf they get the couch, you get to coach!

Privileges come with requirements, I don't care how old your kids are. If they come to you with needs, then you get to speak into their lives.

If they will not listen to you, you know they're just using you. Learn to say, "No" when this happens. If they won't listen, take your couch back awesome, tough grandmothers!


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Good Morning Sunshine MugDebbie's Declaration: Begin a new life for your child, by speaking a new life over your child.

If you want to change the life of a child, begin by declaring to the child the new life you envision for them.  A young mind will store every word it hears and it will track toward becoming what is said over them.

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Good Morning Sunshine MugDebbie's Declaration: Like asphalt over gravel, you can repave the roads of your mind.

Defeat fear, worry, negative thoughts of fear and doom by paving over old thought patterns with new thought patterns. Get the new thoughts from the Word of God. Research in the Word what you need to think, write it on a 3 by 5 card, carry it around and when the old thought tries to take dominion, read the Word off the card. Say it out loud. Give it a place of honor! Say out loud to yourself, "Thought of destruction, I say no to you!" and then say yes to the Word you have written on the card by reading it out loud and say, "Thought of construction, I say YES to you!" Keep doing it until the new thought is strong and the old thought is weak and you will think yourself to a new life.

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Good Morning Sunshine MugDebbie's Declaration: Love overrides the label.

No matter what a child's past: alcohol, drugs, addictions, abandonment, neglect, abuse, or whatever it may be - no label! Love covers a multitude of sins the word says: oddity, stupid, ugly, unloveable, failure, rejected, poor, forgotten, outcast - if you love them, the labels are defeated!  Debra Susan Bowman

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Good Morning Sunshine MugDebbie's Declaration: Practice Peace

Without realizing it, over time, we practice worry, anxiety, fear and a host of other emotions and outlooks. Then we ask God for peace. But what if He would say back to you, "You want peace? That is a good thing, my daughter! Now go and practice it." You may have invested years in developing a really good worry skill. Now, invest a few minutes in practicing peace - and you will have it!

Debra Susan Bowman

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"A mother is not made so much in the birth of a child as in what she births in the child."  Debra Susan Bowman 

Debbie Granny JPGMother’s day should not be so much about how the kids turn out, but about turning out for the mother (grandmother) who gives so much. A true (grand)mother gives her time, her finances, her attention, her toil, her hopes and dreams, in short, she gives whatever it takes for the children to have the opportunity to grow up whole, healthy and happy, even if, and especially if, it is her children’s children.

Today is mothers day. What a great day to celebrate all that a mother is. But, today is a sad day for many grandmothers. From the moment Eve had Cain children have not always made choices that honored their mother. But let’s not make being a mother about what the kids do with the life they are given.  Let’s make it about honoring the mother, or grandmother, who gives them the life they have. Let’s make it a time to be thankful for all the effort a mother (In this day and age a grandmother) who gives so much in the parenting, or reparenting, of another generation, where mom has gone absent.

So, grandmother, take a twenty four hour vacation from all you worry about, and just relax. For today, for this twenty four hours, set it aside to celebrate what you do for the other 24/7 - 364, lets turn out for all the grandmothers and say a big, huge, thank you.

You are loved! You are saving a generation. Their children are your children. Celebrate the opportunity to reparent and you will receive the greatest joy a mother can have; to save a child, to grow a child, so they might be all they should be for their child.

Debbie Sarah JPG

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You Can Do It!

You can impact your grandkids for the positive, despite the challenges. For awesome grandmothers there is a special bond from their moment of birth for your kids kids! They have your heart from the beginning to the end. Sometimes beyond that, I still dream about my granny and grandpa and it’s so good to see […]

     Grieving is the transition between letting go of that which I have loved, and embracing that which I have yet to love. The first without the second is destructive. The first with the second is God’s door to a new life. By Debra Susan Bowman

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When Catastrophe Strikes

Two young men were killed in auto accidents this week. My heart and prayers go out to their families. It turns your world upside down and inside out when something like this happens. I wrote this post last month thinking it was a little heavy, but in light of these events it seems like a […]