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     Grieving is the transition between letting go of that which I have loved, and embracing that which I have yet to love. The first without the second is destructive. The first with the second is God’s door to a new life. By Debra Susan Bowman

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When Catastrophe Strikes

Two young men were killed in auto accidents this week. My heart and prayers go out to their families. It turns your world upside down and inside out when something like this happens. I wrote this post last month thinking it was a little heavy, but in light of these events it seems like a […]

Debbie Declarations

You are validated. To validate means to make real, authentic, authoritative. I validate you awesome grandmother to stop the curse of addiction from affecting the next generation! Debra Susan Bowman

"Good parenting is being active (you have to be involved every day), great parenting is being reactive (you have to be flexible, adaptable), but to be an outstanding parent you have to be proactive (to raise an outstanding child you have to stay one step ahead)." Debra Susan Bowman

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